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Chocolaty Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolaty Chocolate Cream PieKitchen mistakes happen. As long as they aren’t of the OMG the stove’s on fire variety, it’s not usually a big thing, it can even be a good thing. This pie was a mistake, but it turned out to be of the DANG GOOD variety. In fact, it’s the best chocolate cream I’ve ever had.

My pie making skills aren’t what they used to be, probably because I haven’t really baked a pie in…years? I can’t actually remember the last time I made a pie completely from scratch, but I had found a recipe I wanted to experiment with from Death Warmed Over by Lisa Rogak (quirky book, hopefully you’ll hear more it about soon). Since the cream filling was from scratch I somehow got it into my head that This Time I would make the crust as well. Sometimes I can’t talk myself out of these things. That voice says, “Good sense, be gone! You can do this!” and so I started making the crust. About the time I started trying to piece the pieces of crust together so that I could somehow end up with a pie crust without holes I was really questioning that voice. It told me nobody was going to see the crust anyway and that most people I know don’t even eat it. I agreed and just made sure there were no holes and made a mental note to add more liquid to the dough next time. The meringue turned out lovely, but I probably should have chilled the bowl, I think it would have been fluffier. But this pie isn’t really about either of those things (my friend’s kid certainly didn’t think so as she left both on the plate but not a lick of chocolate. Love that girl!), it’s about the chocolate cream. Continue reading →

Three Ingredient Fudge

Three Ingredient FudgeThis is my favorite fudge. Quick, make some before your New Year’s Resolutions set in!  Odds are you have the ingredients in your cupboard. There always seems to be leftovers from the holiday bake-a-thon lurking in the cupboard, poor orphans whose purpose we no longer remember or over bought. Let them fulfill their destiny as fudge!

Not everyone relishes this fudge as much as I do. I think that its simplicity is lost on many or perhaps I like it so much because it is so simple to make. It could be that it’s basically a thick ganache and that is just too much for some people. I’m fine with it.  :D  It is good to remember to cut this fudge in small squares; a little goes a long ways. Continue reading →

Chocolate Butterscotch Brownies

Our interns have come to the end of their year and are moving on. Such a strange experience, at the end of every August we wait with anticipation, and yes some trepidation, for the next class. And at the beginning of the next August we say farewell and good journey. So, of course, I must bring them a treat.

What I intended to make turned out quite differently than what I did make. I had a brownie mix and a bag of butterscotch chips, I thought it would be tasty to have butterscotch chips in the brownie. That’s not what happened. Some of the chips sunk to the bottom of the pan, mixed with the chocolate, and formed a thin luscious crust. The other chips melted into the batter and infused the chocolate with butterscotch. It may have not been what I intended, but it was incredible. Continue reading →

Stuffed Peanut Butter Coffee Cake

I was inspired by National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day. Yes, there really is such a thing, it’s April 2. However, I was unhappy with my first try. I was in a hurry and trying to create a dessert, along with several other dishes, for a gathering. I really should listen to myself and not plan more than one new dish at a time, let alone three or more! The first version must not have been too bad as my niece asked for the recipe, but I knew I could do better, back to the kitchen. Continue reading →


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