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I Ate My Dog’s Cookie

Dog CookiesLuckily he can’t count and he didn’t see me. Um…maybe I should explain.

Everyday my dog gets a cookie (also called biscuit). Usually this happens when I’m leaving the house. Yes, this started as a blatant bribe due to the guilt inducing forlorn look I received because I was cruel enough to leave without him. I tried explaining that I had to go earn his kibble, but no dice. Over the years I have discovered that it also helps keep his dog breath in check so now he gets one every day whether I leave or not.

My dog has junk food taste. I’ve tried feeding him expensive dog food he won’t have any of it. I tried getting the more expensive cookies, the kind that actually smell like food, but he doesn’t like them. It got to the point where he would not accept the bribe or not eat it. I’d come home and the cookie was there on the floor. He likes the kind that on sale are $4 for a 3 pound bag and smell kinda like sawdust. Seriously?! It’s better for my pocket book but I wonder about the ingredients. I finally decided to try making my own.

The first time I tried the recipe I had to leave as soon as I turned off the oven. I came back to an extraordinary savory smell filling the house. It made my mouth water. I mentioned how good it smelled to some friends and they urged me to eat one (I’m really glad I wasn’t friends with them as a kid, who knows what I would’ve tried eating!). It was a small batch and I’d already put them in his cookie jar. They’re also hard enough I didn’t want to try my teeth on them. The second batch was much bigger and I snagged one out of the oven before they were hard. Not bad, needs salt for my taste but I’ve had worse biscuits/crackers. They might be pretty good with a spread.

Regardless of how I feel about the cookies, the dog loves them. Success! Cookies that he eats and that I can live with the ingredient list and price. As an added bonus, they don’t take long to make and last quite a while.

The next batch I will be doing away with the wheat germ and substituting ground flax seed. I already buy flax seed but don’t usually use wheat germ. As mentioned above, the 90 minutes is a minimum. I left the first time and took them out when I got back. The second time I watched a movie. Make sure your pans are well greased; they tend to stick if they aren’t. Also, if you’re not using homemade chicken stock than make sure you buy the salt free kind. Our vet is not a fan of store bought broth and was only okay with me feeding the pets broth if it was home made. I’m sure you could use any kind of stock; you could even use vegetable stock for vegan cookies. Continue reading →

Trail Mix Cookies

Trail Mix CookiesThe last thing my gran nephews needed were more toys for Christmas. So I surprised them and their parents with an invitation instead of stuff. Their parents were as excited about the gift as they were as I insisted that they go along. I certainly didn’t want to corral three energetic boys on a high energy outing all by myself.


So I took them to Hoodoo to go tubing. It’s pretty awesome. Hoodoo supplies the tube and there’s even a tube lift that will drag you up the hill; although, you get more runs if you climb the hill yourself. The runs are groomed and free of any trees that might decide to put a damper on your day. It’s a whole lot of fun. It turned out to be a gorgeous and wonderful day.

I recommend packing your lunch. The food options are limited to snacks at the tubing area and the last time I was at the resort building the options were overpriced and not that appetizing. I packed sandwiches, carrots, and chips and these tasty cookies. They’re a great combination of savory and sweet and gives you that taste combo with almost every bite. They do break apart easily so pack them gently. Continue reading →


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